Core Business
  • Innovation Creation
  • Product Development through approval
  • Manufacturing of core CTI products
  • Sales by CTI and distribution partners
  • External Innovation Center with CTI IP-Pipeline
  • External Innovation Center based on given task
  • External Development Center for single Project or Product-Portfolio through approval (CE, FDA, MHW,...)
  • External Development Center up to defined Milestone e.g:
    • Concept Phase
    • Design Freeze
    • Verification / Validation
    • Tech-Transfer
  • Manufacturing / OEM

Our team is experienced from Idea – to Transfer Management based on large corporations needs & standards.

L&D Business
  • Licensing of intellectual property (IP) to third parties
  • Divestitures of technology developed by CTI, ranging from early stage concept through CE Mark approval
  • Technology Divestiture
  • Technology Licensing
  • Technology Buy-Option based on Milestone agreement e.g:
    • Concept Phase
    • Design Freeze
    • Verification / Validation
    • Product Approvals (CE, FDA, MHW,..)
    • Tech. Transfer
  • Manufacturing / OEM agreements
  • Distribution Buy-Options
Consulting Services
  • By senior medical device executives and a strong cross-functional team
  • Focus on MEDTEC with experience to meet large corporations standards
  • Enable smaller companies to succeed in the MEDTEC industry

Find more Information about our Consulting Services in this PDF:

CTI Vascular – Consulting Services


CTI Vascular's General Terms and Conditions:

CTI Vascular AG – General Terms and Conditions

CTI Vascular – Allgemeine Geschätsbedingungen

  • immediate operational solution?
  • ...preparation to meet large corporations standards?
  • MEDTEC quality requirements?
  • ...a concept through commercialization?
  • ...a training?
  • ...qualify for the Swiss IP-Box?
  • You tell us...
  • Design Control
  • Manufacturing Control
  • Transfer Control
  • Packaging Control
  • PMO Innovation Management (IP)
  • FDA 21CFR820 / ISO13485
  • cGMP/QMS